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Welcome to uDesign it Chalky with Annette. Thank you for visiting me.
I am an exclusive retailer with Chalky & Company.  Take a look around and find your next DIY project or supplies. I offer Chalky paint and powder, all natural wood bases for painting, stencils, embellishments, hardware, furniture bundles, glaze, stains, and waxes to finish your projects.  I offer one on one Chalky painting.  Virtual and in person painting workshops.  Book a private workshop for a birthday, shower, family gathering or any other occasion.

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uDesign It Chalky with Annette

uDesign It Chalky is an exclusive retailer for Chalky & Company products which are Made in the USA, VOC Free and safe for you, me and the environment!  uDesign It Chalky is offers Chalky's signature product of painters powder to make Chalky paint. I also offer Chalky paint and stencils along with Maine pine wood base project pieces for home decor!  Retailers across the US offer home and community paint parties where customers everywhere fall in love with the products!   I am your Exclusive Chalky & Company Retailer located in California.  You can create your own DIY project, select a completed project, book a private workshop or attend a virtual workshop.  Take a look around and contact me if you need help creating your one of a kind Chalky home decor project or finding a workshop to attend.

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Reserve a seat at my next Virtual Chalky painting workshop!

Virtual Chalky painting workshops will be posted on my calendar and social media pages.  Select a workshop and purchase your Chalky supplies 2 weeks prior to the workshop so that you can Chalky paint along with me and complete your very own home decor project!

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Share your completed projects with me! I would love to add your pictures to my photo gallery to help give others project ideas and share your beautiful creations.

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